The Bow Box (Custom)

The Bow Box (Custom)



  •  1 Box 
  • Wrapping paper
  • 1 Small Fairy Dust Gel
  • 1 Personalized Card
  • Rubber Bands


Make The Bow Box your own by purchasing this  box and each individual product that you wish to add to your Bow Box. Shipping rates are calculated during checkout. Box shape and size may vary. You are in control of your style and pricing. As a thank you for purchasing The Bow Box (custom),  we will  include one (1) small container of Fairy Dust Gel and rubber bands. What will you add to YOUR Bow Box?


Please note that you are purchasing the listed materials above.  You  will need to purchase at least a couple of store products in order to fill The Bow Box. Box size varies. *PRODUCTS IN THE PHOTO ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY*



Inform us of which character number you are purchasing in the notes section during checkout. If no information is given you will receive character #1. 



Please let us know if The Bow Box is for a special occasion so that we can personalize a special card for you. You can choose what you want the card to say.  If no notes are written during checkout you will not receive a card. 



******Happy Birthday Jasmine! We love you!******

****** Mommy is so proud of you Bailey! Keep up the good work in school. ***